Let’s Talk Lashes

Let’s Talk Lashes

You’ve just purchased your first pair of lashes. That’s awesome!!
Let’s talk next steps, lash care and how to feel amazing!

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Lash Care

What you need to know about Magnetic Lashes

See below for Helpful Hints on applying your lashes.

Important Lash Info

Things to know about your lashes.

Lash Care

How to clean and look after your lashes

Lash Removal

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Lash Application – Helpful Hints

Getting Started with your lashes:

1. Get your lashes ready.
(I always wash my hands before I handle my lashes because our skin builds up oil or collects other particles. Clean hands help keep your lashes in good shape longer)

πŸ‘‰ FYI – I’d suggest the FIRST time you apply lashes you do it when you have time. If you are rushing to get ready for work, then it won’t be as fun. Once you’ve applied a couple times it will only take you a couple minutes to add it into your morning routine.

Step 1 Pick up your lash 10 magnet or Classic 6 magnet.

Step 2: Gently bend the lash between each magnet. The band is stiff because it hasn’t yet shaped to your eye. You can also hold the lash at either end and roll back and forth.

** It usually takes me about 3-4 wears before the lash really starts to shape to my eye. We each have different eye shapes. So keep gently rolling and bending.

After the first few wears you will get the hang of applying it and the lash will become shaped to your eye.

Step 3: Decide which lash goes on which eye. The shortest lashes go on the inside.
(I would try wearing the full lash before you choose to trim. See trimming post for more details) –> Always try the full lash before you trim. It’s hard to put the lashes back.

FYI: Before you apply the lash or liner to your eye.

a) Prep your eye- apply eye creams, etc well in advance so they have time to absorb before applying the liner.

b) Apply eyeshadow as you normally would.
– some like to use a setting or translucent powder
– I like to apply my regular liner first (if you are using the liner). It gives me a nice clear path to trace when I apply the magentic liner. (I also find my regular liner helps the magnetic liner stay better but others prefer to just have the liner directly on their eyeshadow.) Try and see what works for you.

Back to your lashes:
2. Shake up or roll your liner.
— It can settle if it sits too long and you want to make sure that all of the iron oxide (the magnets on your lashes are attracted to these particles in the liner) is evenly dispersed.

3. When you pull the wand out of the magnetic liner, don’t wipe excess product off on the top. Dab it on the back of your hand if needed.
(Wiping it on the top of the tube means it can dry there and could fall back in)

4. Apply your magnetic liner along the base of your eyelid, just above the lashes.
Let the first coat dry for 20-30 seconds.

🀣 Maybe don’t look up right away. I learned the hard way that wet liner when you look up will also leave a mark on the top of your eyelid.

(Having your oil-based eye makeup remover and a q-tip handy (I use our Shake It Off Remover) makes it easy to fix anything)

5. Apply 2nd coat. (You can apply a 3rd coat if you want. See what works best for you). The magnetic liner line needs to be thick enough for the magnets to fit on it.
After a little practice, you will find the best method for youπŸ™‚)


– If you are using the original Classic Magentic Liner (black tube), then this needs to dry completely. I finish the rest of my makeup and do my hair and then put my lashes on. It needs about 2 minutes but a few more just gives it time to dry.

– If you are using the Gold liner (gold tube), then you let it dry until it’s tacky to touch.

Applying the Lash
6. Putting your lash on πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

– I position the inside magnet above the spot that I want it and then slowly lower and move slightly to the right to catch the inside of the lash. Once I like my starting point (see diagram above), then I lay down the rest of the lash along the base.

– reposition if not happy with how it’s sitting.

– I gently press along the base/magnets to ensure it’s fully in contact with the liner.
Or you can use your pointer finger on top and thumb below to gently squeeze at the base (sandwich method)

Blink a few times and you are good to go. It might feel different at first but within a few seconds, you won’t notice it anymore.

PS. It gets easier each time and you will find the application technique that works for youπŸ™‚ Always feel free to reach out with questions πŸ˜€

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