Let’s Talk Lash Info

Let’s Talk Important Lash Info

Keep these tips in mind to help your lashes last even longer 🙂

Check out the info below to learn more.

Important Things to Know About Your Lashes

💥IMPORTANT to Know about Your Lashes

❌ Never get lashes wet or steamy
(Ie. Don’t lean over the dishwasher when you open it and all the steam comes out or take the lid off of a soup pot as the steam escapes)
➡️ Moisture decreases the lifespan of your lashes

❌ Don’t wipe excess liner off on the top of the tube. It will dry and get clumpy and could fall back inside.

✅ Do take them off at night

✅ Do wash your hands before handling the lashes (prevents oil from your skin getting onto the lashes)

✅ Do gently clean the magnets after each wear with your fingernail.

✅ Do store them in the box they came in

✅ Do have FUN wearing them and feeling great

✔ Message me if you have any questions

Looking after the lashes means 25-30 wears or more..
PS… I have a pair of fantasy lashes that I’ve wore for many months during pre-launch They can last a long time…granted they don’t look as fresh as new ones they have done amazing at getting me through prelaunch.

Lash Care

What you need to know about Magnetic Lashes

See below for Helpful Hints on applying your lashes.

Important Lash Info

Things to know about your lashes.

Lash Care

How to clean and look after your lashes

Lash Removal

How to remove your lashes

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