Favourite Yoga Videos

This fall I started taking a local Yoga class and loved it! One night a week to just relax and focus on some self care (okay maybe an hour and a half just for me;) And then the rest of the week happened. I enjoyed class but haven’t done enough yoga to build my own practice. So I started searching for free online videos (because who doesn’t like free:) Thanks to my sister in law’s suggestion I tried out Yoga with Adrienne.

She was offering a free 30 day Dedicate Yoga challenge. So I started 2019 off with a 30 day challenge that took me a month and a half to complete. I may have taken 30 days to complete the challenge but I did hit a 30 day stretch of daily Yoga – sometimes it was just 15 minutes of putting together my own yoga flow or a fabulous Wednesday of Yoga class.

I recently completed the 30 day challenge and discovered that Yoga with Adrienne has an entire You Tube Channel of videos:)

So if you are looking for a great place to start I highly recommend the 30 Day Dedicate Yoga challenge as a great place to start or you can always check out her awesome You Tube Channel – Yoga with Adrienne 🙂

Have fun!

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