The end of an era…

It’s with a heavy heart that I say good-bye to Color By Amber. We found out on Friday (November 2, 2018) that Color By Amber is closing its doors. From the moment I joined the CBA adventure in July of 2014, it’s been an amazing journey. I’m grateful to have been surrounded by amazing customers and supportive friends. I have very much appreciated your encouragement through out my CBA adventure. Thank-you!
I’m thankful for all of the truly talented, creative and genuine people that I’ve met from across North America. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have traveled to places I’d never dreamed of going with the most amazing people. I’m thankful to started the adventure with great friends and ended the journey with many friendships that will last a lifetime. I’ve been fortunate to learn from talented entrepreneurs and share in a journey that was about so much more than jewelry. I’ve learned from an amazing home office team including a CEO and founder that we can all make a difference in the choices that we make. Every product has a story shaped by people who create it. And that’s what drew me to Color By Amber, I loved that I was able to meet the artisans and see first hand how the product was made and the impact that it had on people’s lives. The Bio teacher in me loved that CBA and 3Form are committed to sustainable environmental practices. Because as our founder explained, you can’t wait for the government or other agencies to tell you the planet we live on is a priority. You have to lead by example.
What an amazing 4 years filled with the most wonderful memories. I feel like this isn’t the end but rather the close of one chapter and the start of new story.
So what’s next…. Well…. I seem to have quite a large collection of jewelry 😊 So that means I’m having a sale in my VIP group – you are welcome to join and find some great deals. If you prefer email – you can follow along using the link below 😊 or follow Life is Your Style (which I’m hoping I’ll now have more time for😊)
Here’s to the next chapter!

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