Did you hear? Color by Amber is having a SALE!

It’s perfect timing for back to school shopping and it’s always a good time to add some fun fabulous accessories! Color by Amber not creates beautiful on trend designs but their process and sourcing makes my heart happy! Our interlayers are sourced from upcycled sources, to beautiful fabrics to amazing textiles designed and created by our Full Circle artisans! It is truly style with a story!

Hey, didn’t you say something about a SALE?


Each day in August will feature different items from our fall 2018 collection! Today it’s the on trend classic tortoise shell interlayer. One of my all time favoritesšŸ˜

You save 20% on selected piecesšŸ˜Š

Check back each day to see the daily deals!

Curious about how to wear the tortoise resin trend?

Jen Clyde, our head designer, shares the versatility of the tortoise interlayer.

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