Plunder Opportunity

It’s true, when one door closes another one opens and it’s a Plunderful Opportunity!

I’m excited to share that I’ve been offered the opportunity to

help launch Plunder in Canada!

Plunder is an amazing ground floor opportunity to bring beautiful, on trend jewelry to women in Canada and the US and I had to say YES!

Why jewelry?

  • because of how it brings us together. My favourite part of being in direct sales is the connection I have with other people. There’s nothing better than getting together with old friends or making new friends all while having fun and trying out new styles at a great price. There’s nothing better than a room full of people laughing, sharing stories and finding your style!
  • Yes, let’s talk price! It matters because we all love the opportunity to pick out some fabulous new jewelry and a reasonable price makes it so much more enjoyable! This is fashion jewelry at a very reasonable price!
  • You can shop knowing that your jewelry is made by artisans in clean, family friendly conditions. That each piece of jewelry is inspected by hand in Salt Lake City before it is packaged and sent on it’s way to you.

There’s a subscription box!!! Plunder Posse!!

Exclusive pieces for members only at an amazing price with free shipping! For every month you order your earn Plunder Posse Perks!

Even better –> It’s $40 CAD/month and that includes shipping!

  • Plunder Guarantee – 90 day warranty, 30 day full money back guarantee.
  • Have a party earn some rewards! Yes there are hostess rewards!! Party with a purpose!

Did I mention ground floor opportunity?

Why wait when you can be part of the journey!

Looking for an opportunity that rewards how hard you work?

I was missing the chance to earn a little something extra. To have the option and the freedom to add a little something extra for our family, to go on a trip with friends or partner with a friend and give back to causes that are close to my heart (and I have a new cause that’s very close to my heart – but that’s a story for another day).

  • it’s the opportunity to earn more commission based on sales, not just recruiting.
  • to build a team and a business that will take you years into the future.
  • the chance to lead a team of amazing stylists – truly one of the best learning experiences of my life.
  • There’s also the chance to earn trips and travel for FREE!

Plunder Design offers beautiful and diverse styles that appeal to all ages. It has an amazing price point.

There’s even an opportunity to create your own personalized pieces!

Curious about the opportunity?
Message me and we can chat about the Plunderful Opportunities!!!

And did I mention who their speaker is at their September Convention?

Looking for more info ?
— You can check out our Canadian Pre-Launch page.

Pre-enrollment Info:
Sponsor – Stephanie Pipke-Painchaud
Email – Stephanie.Painchaud(at)

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